West-Central Kentucky History & Genealogy

Compiled by Jerry Long

Biographies and Collections

Biographies – Collections – “Papers of…”

Browne, Mattie Griffith (1828-1906)
Dean, Papers of Mary Hale (1857-1955)
Denker, Papers of Mary Helen Smith (1910-2001)
Graves, Major Rice E. (1838-1863)
Hayden, Nicky (1981-2017)
Hayes, Papers of William Foster (1868-1964)
Henson, Josiah (1789-1883)
Hines, Articles by James (1926-2017)
Hodges, Glenn (1943-2015) Memories
Hodges, Stanley Glenn (1943-2015)
Holmes, Dr. Timothy (1802-1881)
Investigators Club Articles
Jett, Oswald George (1917-2003)
Kelley, Papers of Merlin J. (1903-1989)
Laswell, Papers of Cecelia Moore (1887-1977)
Leachman, Papers of Katharyn Whitaker (1893-1976)
Little, Lucius Powhattan (1838-1918) History
Long, Jerry – Bibliography & Resume
Lovejoy, Papers of Florence Thompson (1921-2008)
Lyons, Papers of Juanita H. (1917-2000)
Mastin, Papers of Emma Dunn (1889-1973)
McCreery, Thomas Clay (1816-1890)
McDowell, Samuel Riley (1931-2007)
McFarland, Roy Leighton (1884-1961)
McLean, Judge Alney (1779-1841)
McRaith, John Jeremiah (1934-2017)
Meek, Fielding Bradford (1817-1876)
Midkiff, Henry Smith (1831-1910): Confederate Guerilla Escapes the Gallows
Morton, Dudley Walker (1907-1943)
O’Brien, Papers of Bobbie H. (1934-1982)
Pettit, Thomas Stevenson (1843-1931)
Powers, Papers of Harold Franklin (1921-1990)
Scarborough, George (1806-1890) Prominent Teacher & Scholar
Stone, James Edwards (1808-1885)
Stroud, Papers of Finis Bradford (1910-1994)
Thompson, Major John Philip (c1831-1872)
Tinsley, Harry D. (1923-2020)
Weir, James (1821-1906)
Westerfield, Papers of Thomas W. (1926-1980)