West-Central Kentucky History & Genealogy

Compiled by Jerry Long

Daviess County Courthouse

Daviess County Courthouse, Owensboro, KY

Daviess County, Kentucky


Carl & Grace Browder – Kentucky’s Bonnie & Clyde
Confederate Statue Scrapbook: Memorial to a Lost Cause
Daviess County Bicentennial Chronology: 200 Historical Events
Daviess County Bicentennial Programs at the Daviess County Public Library
Daviess County Circuit Judges
Daviess County Courthouse
Daviess County Historical Society Quarterly Articles
Daviess County in 1847
Daviess County In War Between States
Daviess County Jail
Daviess County Judges
Daviess County Memorabilia Day – 2015
Daviess County Poor Farm
Daviess County Scraps of Owensboro History
Daviess County’s Connections to George Mason of Gunston Hall
Diary of Joseph Thomas, 1844-1883
Early Days of Yellow Banks by Cora Lee Webb
Executive Inn Rivermont
Granny Remembers by Ella Hicks Johnson
Habit, Kentucky
History of Cornland
History of Kentucky Room at Daviess County Public Library
How Much Do You Know About Owensboro? Game
Kentucky Room Scrapbook, Daviess County Public Library
Knottsville, Ky.
Local History Articles By Ida F. Cockriel
Lucius P. Little History Chapter
Memoirs of Mary Blair Woodford, 1914
Movie “The Kentuckian” Remembered
Names and Numbering of Owensboro Streets
Old River Road of Long Ago Recalled
Owensboro “In The Good Old Days”
Owensboro City Charter – The Growth of Owensboro From Town to City Traced
Owensboro Home of a Mobster
Owensboro Mayors
Owensboro Newspaper Chronologies, 1842-1989
Owensboro Newspaper Special Editions, etc.
Owensboro’s Historian – Frank Lockett Hall (1823-1907)
Pleasant Point Baptist Church History
Pleasant Ridge, Kentucky
President James Madison Owned Land In Daviess County
Recollections of Olden Times in Owensboro By Col. James M. Holmes (1825-1925)
Report on Thomas Moseley (c1765-1841) & His Family
Sketches of Historic Homes
Some Historic Landmarks of Owensboro
Some of Owensboro’s “First Things”
St. Joseph Catholic Church
St. Stephen Cathedral
Susan B. Anthony Visits Owensboro
The Civil War in Daviess County by Glenn Hodges
Tour of Downtown Owensboro in the 1890’s
US Presidents’ Visits to Owensboro
Whitesville – A Cross Roads


Bellwood Hill Cemetery
Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery
Bristow Cemetery
Campbell, Grave of John (1872-1908)
Catalog of Daviess County Cemeteries
Coomes Cemetery
Cooper – Westerfield Cemetery
Daviess County Poor Farm Cemetery
Early Settlers Cemetery
Gillim Cemetery
Greenwood Cemetery Burials
Greenwood Cemetery History
Greenwood Cemetery Veterans
Jones Cemetery
Kelly Cemetery
Little Flock Baptist Church Cemetery
Lost Tombstones Identified
Mary Vanover Owen Grave
McCormick Cemetery
McNemer Cemetery
Medcalf – Brown Cemetery
Neel Cemetery
Old Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery
Owensboro’s Potter’s Field Cemetery
Pleasant Point Baptist Church Cemetery
Sorgho Baptist Church Cemetery
Trunnell Cemetery
Yelvington (Greene’s Chapel) Cemetery
Yewell Cemetery – Historic Home of Jeremiah Yewell (1782-1862)


Art – Portrait Collection at Daviess County Public Library
Birth announcements from Owensboro newspapers
Daviess County 1876 Atlas – Biographies
Daviess County 1876 Atlas – History
Daviess County 1876 Atlas – Patrons
Daviess County Deed Book A (1815-1823)
Daviess County Estates, 1815-1864
Daviess County Revolutionary War Veterans
Daviess County Veterans’ Graves
Map Collection at Daviess County Public Library
Owensboro Business Directories: 1859-60, 1871-72 & 1879-80
Rev. William Harrison Dawson’s Diary – “The Life Beautiful”